Sunday, May 3, 2009

Warblers at Last

Finally, finally, we got to see some warblers this week. I was starting to wonder if any would ever show up. We have had such cold weather this March, and most of April.

My husband and I went down to Humber Bay East last Tuesday, and we saw a lovely male Yellow Warbler. On the Wednesday, we saw some more Yellow Warblers, and some Yellowrump Warblers close up. They were also in the company of some King birds,some Rough-winged Swallows, and a very curious Solitary Vireo. We were in heaven. We were lurking in the bushes taking close up shots, of these birds. The whole experience eclipsed refinding the Harlequin Ducks earlier on.

On the Thursday, we went back, and saw more of these warblers, as well as a secretive Palm warbler.

On Friday afternoon, we went to Tommy Thomson Park, and went into some very wet areas, in the hope of seeing more warblers. We were not disappointed. We did also see our first Red-headed Woodpecker, so that was a treat. There were at least a dozen Palm Warblers there, and one of them got within half-a-metre of us. We got some awesome shots of it.

The weekend was not so good birding wise, as there was a lot of rainfall. The warblers seemed to have disappeared for now. We had to content ourselves with the dozens of Double-crested Cormorants, and Night Herons that are starting to nest there.

I am hoping for better weather this week, and a chance to see some warblers that we haven't seen before.

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