Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting for those Warblers

Yesterday, we decided to go to Tommy Thompson as we didn't want to go out far. It was an incredibly beautiful day, it went up to 26 degrees Celsius. For the past while, we have been having very cold weather.

We had gone to Colonel Sam Smith Park, and Humber Bay East Park during the week, and we were lucky enough to see a Pied-billed Grebe, and a Ruddy at Humber Bay.

At Tommy Thompson, my husband spotted an American Woodcock, not only close to the gate but also close to the road. Woodcocks are almost impossible to see without almost stepping on them. The dig into the earth with their long bills in order to get at the earthworms. Generally, we only manage to get a glimpse of them flying away.

This one just sat there and allowed us to approach it. As we crept closer, it would continue to keep a baleful eye on us, and crouch down closer and closer to the earth.
We left it undisturbed for a change. It was nice to actually get a good look at one, this time.

By the wetlands, we managed to get close to some canvasback ducks who were busy competing for the attentions of one female. There were also some terns, and some shovelers. The terns are busy getting their nesting sites ready. The platform on the lake doesn't seem to interest them at this point, but that may change.

We did see a huge perch flopping out of the water, several times. I have no idea why it would do this, but it was a pretty interesting sight.

We didn't get to see much, because the weather started to change significantly. The wind whipped some clouds, and dust, and we decided to high tail it out of there.

The next day, it was cold and raining, and we changed our minds about going back. It turns out that, at least, ten warblers species had blown it with the storm. D'oh.

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