Monday, June 8, 2009

The Quest for New Bird Species

Well, the spring migration seems to have slowed down even before it really got started. It seemed like spring would never come, and for a while there, it looked as though there would be a lot of species coming back.

The numbers of warblers have tapered off, and we've now been focusing on the shorebirds. My hope is that things will get better with warmer temperatures, as it has been on the cool side for the past couple of weeks.

That being said, my husband and I have been going to places like Oshawa Second Marsh, in the hope of finding new bird species. We had heard about the Piping Plover being spotted there, and we went off in pursuit.

The whole area is beautiful, with a lot of tree and shrub species, and a lovely pond, opposite Lake Ontario. We had a very long walk to make in order to reach the shore birds. We didn't find the Piping Plover, but we did see our first Ruddy Turnstone. There were also Semi-Palmated Plovers, Dunlins, White-rumped and Spotted Sandpipers to be seen.

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