Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where Are all the Birds?

The Spring Bird Count is not getting off to a great start. There doesn't seem to be much to report, and we have gone to a few places where we've come back having seen one bird! Yesterday was a little better. Previously, we went to Happy Valley Forest, and saw a Downy Woodpecker- that was it. We also saw Black Bear footprints in the snow, which just made me want to high tail it out of there as soon as possible!

Then, we went to Holland Marsh in hopes of seeing the Gray Gray Owl that was reported there. We missed seeing it for the second time in a row. We thought we might see the Horned Larks we saw there on the first trip. Nope. Gone. So, we went to the Conservation Area nearby. Well, we saw a couple of bluejays, some chickadees, lots of crows, and heard some Pine Siskins. This is not really what we had in mind when we drove out here for 45 minutes.

So, yesterday we went to Humber Bay East. Well, we did see some returning Blackbirds. Good, good. But that was basically it. So, then we went Colonel Sam Smith Park. Hello. The juvenile King Eider male was back. Hurray! We got within 2 meters of this bird, and it didn't mind a bit. After, that we saw one of the Horned Grebes we saw on an earlier visit. Great stuff, but still...

The winter birds are disappearing, and now there is a vacuum. When will the Spring Migration really start?

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