Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Checking out the Early Spring Migrants

My husband and I went to Tommy Thompson Park, at the Leslie Street Spit, this afternoon. It is still a little early in the spring migration season, but we were hopeful.

As it turned out, most of the birds we saw there were at the front gate.

There were two male robins, two male red-winged blackbirds, two northern mockingbirds, two grackles, some song sparrows, and one noisy kildeer.

The two mockingbirds seemed to be duking it our for space. One in particular, was really intent on chasing off the other, which would keep landing close by, and start singing. That would set the other one off again in aggressive pursuit. I figured the one kept advertising his charms to all and sundry, and I imagined the other to be saying: 'Quit cramping my style!' or something to that effect.

The red-winged blackbirds weren't much better. The two closest to the entrance, had the same kind of scuffle, which was weird because there were all sorts of males inside the park now, and it seemed that there was one every 25 paces or so. Soon, it will be more like one blackbird per tree, and their calls will start to get on my nerves.

Right now, their three-note song sounds like spring to me, and I hope I will always feel that way; but I am not optimistic.

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