Friday, February 6, 2009

The Merganser Versus The Sunfish

My husband and I went to Humber Bay East Park, yesterday, in the hope of seeing the Harlequin ducks, again. We saw mergansers, scaup, goldeneye, widgeons, mallards, swans, buffleheads, and gadwalls. We didn't even see one sparrow, or small songbird of any kind.

The ice was still thick in many places, so the ducks were pretty far out. Nonetheless, there were areas along the points that were not frozen, and we managed to get some good shots.

One set were of a Common Merganser whose eyes were too big for its stomach. It must have been a juvenile, because I don't think an adult bird would have made such a mistake; nor had persisted so, in swallowing its catch. This bird tried again and again. It had dropped the fish several times, and then would pick it right up again for another go.

At one point, another Common Merganser came over and claimed the fish. It, too, was no better off, but at least it quit after the first attempt. I think the other one was happy to have left its catch.

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