Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Good Week for Bird Watching

There was a lot going on this week, and I don't know how it was that I managed to do any birdwatching. My husband and I went back to Colonel Sam Smith Park a couple of times, and we saw a lot of the usual suspects. We also managed to see our first Winged-winged Scoters.

They were great. They seemed to be unafraid of us, and they let us get very close. They ate lots and lots of mussels, and they would just swallow them whole: shell and all. They had a weird serpentine way of swimming, and they would dive into the water with their wings slightly spread out. They also looked a little weird; especially the male with that bill, and those white eyes with the white comma-shaped markings accentuating them.

We also went back to Riverwood, and took some wonderful close up shots of the pine siskins, and the redpolls at the feeders. These little birds are so much fun to watch. The whole area is full of them, and also a lot of goldfinches; but the goldfinches did not come to the feeders like the other finches did.

There were reports of a Brown Thrasher, and a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, but we didn't manage to see either of those species. We also didn't see the little Screech Owl that has taken up residence there.

Yesterday, we went to Ashbridges Bay in the hope of seeing the Western Grebe, that was reported there all week. We were out of luck. I did manage to get some great shots of young Greater Black-backed gull that was flying around, as well as ones of an Icelandic gull.

The funny thing was that I managed to get some shots of some White-winged Crossbills in the city after all: there was a flock of them feeding on the jack pines, and the alders.

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